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September 19th, 2016
TARASCON - Trees of all the countries in the gardens of Payan

On Saturday, in the admirable site of her property " The gardens of Payan ", Mrs Sophie de Brignac, had the pleasure to present to the visitors her exceptional collection of fruit trees or ornament of the most diverse countries. With her(its) usual(customary) kindness, she(it) kindly gave one thousand one teachings and advice(councils) as for plantations, sizes, takings of cuttings, transplants(Clerk's Offices), harvests of fruity and seeds.
A very pleasant moment, at the same time soothing and instructive, for the nature lovers, the enthusiasts of arboriculture.


La Provence
September 15, 2013

Festival of plants or the rapture of Les Jardins de Payan
"The 4th festival of plants took place this weekend in the magnificent Jardins de Payan..."

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Arts Magazine
July-August 2013

Nature reinvented in the Alpilles
"A Tarascon, Jean Daviot invites us to widen our vision of the landscape in Les Jardins de Payan..."

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La Provence
June 8, 2013

Head for the idyllic Jardins de Payan
"The Mas de Payan, in the Tarascon country, nestled in the Alpilles, is one of the idyllic places that one never tires of visiting again and again, in the expectation of new splendid discoveries… "

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